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Identify immediate actions you can take today to begin your pet's journey toward better health.

Dr. Odette Suter, DVM

Holistic Vet - aka. Dr. Poop Lady

After graduating from veterinary school in 1994 in Switzerland, Dr. Odette Suter quickly recognized the limitations of conventional medicine and questioned its role in true healing. Spurred by her unconventional upbringing and personal health journey she explored many holistic modalities to address the root cause of disease in her animal patients.

Dr. Suter not only treats pets but also passionately educates pet parents and veterinary peers about holistic medicine's transformative benefits. Her international bestseller 'What Your Vet Never Told You – Secrets to Supporting Peak Health for Your Animal,' has helped change the conversation around pet health globally.

Affectionately known as 'Dr. Poop Lady' for her cutting-edge approach to gut health, she stands out in the field of holistic veterinary care, offering lectures worldwide. She also developed the ‘Pet Health Accelerator' a comprehensive training and mentorship program designed to guide and equip pet parents and professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to transform their pets' health and adopt the mindset of a holistic veterinarian.


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